Gas Tracker

Gas Tracker

Gas Tracker is a simple application to track your fuel expenses along with vehicle expenses and much more.

  • Find gas prices for gas stations near you
  • Track fill-ups with actual gas stations with Google Maps
  • Track your distance per volume for each vehicle
  • Track your gas expenses for each vehicle
  • Track your vehicles maintenance and repairs
  • No limit on vehicles
  • Track the octane level you filled up with
  • Switch between miles and kilometers
  • Switch between Gallons, Liters, and Gallons(imperial)
  • Get a report sent each month about your gas records
  • Use it on Android (Gas Tracker)
  • Check recalls for your vehicle(s)
  • See how your vehicle compares to others Vehicle Statistics
  • Calculate a trips cost

Budget Tracker

Budget Tracker

Budget Tracker is a simple application that enables to you track your budget(s) and analyze your income and expenses.

  • Create as many budgets as you would like
  • Create a template per budget that will tell you when items are due
  • Get an email before an item is due so you know your not going to miss a bill
  • Estimate a budget based on income and expenses in a given month
  • View a summary of your expenses per month or per year
  • View a chart with your expenses for a given month

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